Additional Programs


On Wednesdays the learners of the LSS (non-academic) Section attend Skills groups were a wide variety of work activities are presented. These activities include: Arts and Crafts, Mosaic work, Woodwork, Kitchen Skills, Needlework, Beading, Carwash and Waitering. The learners are allocated to a group depending on their abilities. It is very important for disabled learners to learn what they are able to do and how to be a good worker. They should realize that it is an honor to work and that they can also become productive members of their community.

Access in Action

Access in Action is a computer based programme that enables learners with multiple barriers to access schoolwork through assistive devices and other specialized settings and recommendations. Currently we have 35 learners that are involved in this programme covering all grades and sections. Some learners use technology in their class on a daily basis and a few others are doing computer training for full inclusion later on. We try to identify these learners early on in Gr R to prepare them for effective access to education. Initially the learners are assisted very hands on in the class setting by the occupational therapist and then our computer skilled teachers integrate them fully into their class. This programme has proven to be very effective in the quality of life and learning for the most marginalized learners. It is very rewarding to work with these learners in this programme.

Vocational Class

The main aim of this class is self-sustainable living. Skills training includes:
  • Household Gardening
  • Basic Sewing machine skills
  • Recycling
  • Open labour market workplace experience


Margaret Moalosi

Senior Housekeeping Supervisor

Mapaseka Thejane

Kitchen Assistant

Rosalia Moteka

Kitchen Assistant

Irene Moyikwa

Kitchen Assistant

The National School Feeding Programme assists the school to provide a well-balanced, cooked meal every school day of the week. Before and after school hours the hostel learners enjoy breakfast and supper with a snack later in evening. Over weekends these learners also receive three meals a day that includes fruit.

Our aim is to support these vulnerable learners to get all the ingredients of a healthy diet to enable them to learn all the necessary academic, social and daily living skills to become as independent as possible.

Wheelchair Workshop

Tsokolo Thitha

Kenosi Lentsoe

The wheelchair workshop is mainly for the maintenance and reparations of the learners’ wheelchairs. Mr Thita is an exceptionally skilled technician that also design and create other assistive devices tailor made to the specific and challenging needs of Tswellang’s learners. The workshop is adequately equipped to maintain, repair and refurbish the wheelchairs and two days per week are currently dedicated exclusively to maintenance and repairs.


Simon Thole

Petrus Mogapi

Samuel Tlali

Stoney Saudi

Tswellang School is known for its beautiful gardens and surroundings. Our groundsmen work very hard to maintain and improve the gardens. The staff and learners are fortunate to work in such a lovely environment


The transport serves the local routes that are determined by the School Governing Board. Learners who stay in the area that is covered by school transport will be prioritized.

It remains the responsibility of the parents to arrange transport for their children.

Currently there are four local routes and three Botshabelo routes.

Tau Sebolai

Local 1

Batho Location
Joe Slovo
Thambo Square

Vincent Thulo

Local 2

Caleb Motshabi
Hillside View
Mafora 1,2 and 3
Phase 2

Papi Matsau

Local 3

Bergman Square
Bloemside 1 and 2
Chris Hani
Peter Swarts
Phase 4, 5, 9 and 10

Thabang Monakale

Local 4

Chris Hani
Freedom Square
Phase 3, 6 and 7

Abe Phakalita

Botshabelo 1

E2 Section
F Section
J Section
K Section
R Section
S Section
V Section
W Section

Sello Thakube

Botshabelo 2

C Section
E1 Section
F Section
H1 Section
H2 Section
H3 Section
J Section
K Section
T Section

Thuso Malise

Botshabelo 3

A Section
C1 Section
C2 Section
D Section
E1 Section
H2 Section
J Section
M Section
N Section


The laundry is equipped to do the washing of the school as well as the hostels and the hostel learners.

Jeanette Ralitabo

Kgathole Moborena