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History: Tswellang School

     •     The school has two hostels that can accommodate 92 boarders.
     •     Currently 288 learners are enrolled at our school.
     •     Daily transport is provided to 130 learners.  The school has four combi’s to provide this service.
     •     The DoE Inclusive subsidises 64 learners to be transported daily from Botshabelo to the school and back.
     •     The annual school and hostel fee is R1000-00; this includes daily meals, transport, medical services and administration fees.
     •     Although the school receives a subsidy from the DoE, we are dependent on fund-raising for different projects.

     •     Staff composition is as follows:
                  •     30 educators
                  •     13 therapists
                  •     2 professional nurses
                  •     1 social worker
                  •     58 auxiliary staff, including 20 SGB employees

     •     Our learners are mostly Sotho-speaking.
     •     The ages of our learners vary from 5 years to 18 years of age, from Grade R to Grade 9.
     •     The school follows the mainstream curriculum, but also has an adapted curriculum for the learners with special support needs. 
     •     Learners, who have reached their academic potential after Grade 9, are given the opportunity to follow a one year skills programme.
     •     Extra mural activities include the following:

                  •     Sport:
                             •     Athletics
                             •     CP Soccer
                             •     Cycling
                             •     Boccia
                             •     Wheelchair tennis
                             •     Chess

                  •     Culture:
                             •     Choir
                             •     Wheelchair dancing
                             •     Drama
                             •     Indigenous games
                             •     Cultural dancing
                             •     Moral ethics

Skills that are presented at the school are as follows:
                  •     Car washing
                  •     Coffee Shop
                  •     Mosaic
                  •     Beading
                  •     Pottery
                  •     Needlework
                  •     Kitchen skills
                  •     Gardening

Tswellang strives to:
                  •     Prepare learners for work
                  •     Provide them with the necessary life-skills that are vital for the workplace or the necessary skills to earn their own income.
                  •     Find school- or job placement for school leavers.

We as Tswellang School hereby wishto extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the DoE and everyone involved in this project for a
job well done!
Be assured that the three new classrooms, as well as the upgrading and renovations to school and hostel buildings and the new soccer
field is much welcomed and appreciated!

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